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"Plastic Violins of Darkness is a one-man army from Leipzig with a self-released debut of atmospheric, stoner infused space rock that, though dark and heavy, escapes gravity and any hints of oppressiveness with a wide-open vista of sounds. Taking leads from 90s electronic ambient and post-industrial music, PVOD also tips its hat to metal without relying on the repetitive riff. Cuts like the cascading Triskaidekaphobia offer up the requisite grind, but going for the patient slow-burn gives PVOD a good dose of enigmatic expanse that keeps it free-floating without taking away from the heft. Full of texture and ‘unavoidable artificial aspects,’ PVOD keeps the journey moving forward and swinging wide without meandering into mopey formlessness. With flight times between 12 and 20+ minutes, it would be easy to veer off into the void and lose your way—and there is much in PVOD to make you feel unanchored and untethered—but our pilot keeps purpose in mind as the tracts of space go by. All build and elongate, some slowly whiplashing back into themselves with a rubbery and fat thickness that gives the listener maximum chewing satisfaction.
Tip of the hat to Chybucca Sounds for the lead, and maximum enjoyment recommend…"

"There’s been no shortage of brooding, ambient Pink Floyd-inspired psych-rock in recent years, but Plastic Violins of Darkness – great name, by the way – uses this template to create its own mythical world of sonic textures and elongated compositions. Listen through headphones in a darkened room for maximum enjoyment."


released January 30, 2013




Plastic Violins Of Darkness Leipzig, Germany

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