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"Plastic Violins of Darkness voids you through space and time off the deep end to embrace an outer darkness rarely if ever found. A voyage unto the id, reverberating an opaque zen clustered with shapeless forms and grand vistas of decay and blackness draping the unconcious. One step unto this beyond is a hell closer than you ever imagined. Hail! DHU Records" www.facebook.com/pages/DHU-Records/866298986717049

"Still taking cues from ambient, post-industrial and gaseous doom, Plastic Violins of Darkness return with ‘Spiral.’ Comprised of 3 trademark lengthy cuts, ‘Spiral’ picks up where we left this Leipzig-based one man machine on PVOD’s debut. If it’s possible, ‘Spiral’ feels fuller and exhales even more than before. PVOD’s dense, atmospheric ooze is certainly not for everyone, though the heightened sense of drama and cosmic Last Judgment vibe lend it a vague soundtrack and cinematic scope that skirts the edge of catastrophic and ruination flavored pop culture references. It’s pure escapism cloaked in a dark, opaque velvety fog that feels both fecund and plague-ridden. PVOD stated at the time of their self-titled that it was brimming with ‘unavoidable artificial aspects,’ all of which are here in abundance. Copious and lavish like the enticingly miasmic moss that drapes the cover. Fittingly, the cuts bleed and discharge into each other making the realization that you’ve managed to move one foot from one swamp to the next slow to dawn, but each has its own sensation once you’re in the thick and thicket of it. ‘Anima In Herba’ moves like a damp pall that hangs over gas-mask wearing pilgrims slogging through Armageddon’s aftermath. Slight vapors of voices that weave in, out and transition to the title cut augment the wasted cityscape trek aura. ‘Spiral’ feels more expansive, like the hinterlands outside the city-zone that stretch out to the tolling cathedral at the horizon line that’s either offering respite or inevitably drowning in another sticky sinkhole. ‘Solstice’ is the witchiest cut here, wafting somewhere between ‘Anima In Herba’ and ‘Spiral,’ similarly seeking some kind of form in formlessness like bones swathed in wet gauze. Depending on your temperament and how you like your ultra-mood to bubble up, PVOD could either me extremely clammy and claustrophobic or teeming with tentacled life packed in a gene pool stew piped in from the Devil’s pumphouse. No disrespect intended, but it’s got a healthy dose of beckoning sewage that’s equal parts ‘Soylent Green’ and the Book of Revelations. That may not be your cup of tea, but there’s no question that PVOD will steep it as long as it takes, and as long as they want." www.sunriseoceanbender.com/plastic-violins-of-darknessspiral/

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released September 23, 2014




Plastic Violins Of Darkness Leipzig, Germany

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